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Research book 1

The influence of 3D renal reconstruction on surgical planning for complex renal tumors: An interactive case-based survey.

This work was published in the International Brazilian Journal of Urology, May 2023. One hundred expert urologists participated in this retrospective study of six case studies which showed that 3D reconstruction models play a significant role in modifying surgeons' strategy and surgical planning for patients with renal tumors.

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Research book 1

Interactive virtual 3D image reconstruction to assist renal surgery in patients with fusion anomalies of the kidney

This work was published in the Journal of Clinical Urology, January 2022. This prospective case series features 7 cases of renal fusion anomolies, and describes how Innersight 3D reconstructions informed the choice of operative approach.

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Research book 2

Clinical experience of using virtual 3D modelling for pre and intraoperative guidance during robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy

This work was published in the Journal of Clinical Urology, March 2021. This prospective feasibility study explored the role and practicality of virtual three-dimensional modelling (by Innersight Labs) in the context of surgical utility for preoperative and intraoperative use, as well as improving patient involvement.

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Research book 3 frontiers in surgery

Surgeon knowledge of the pulmonary arterial system and surgical plan confidence is improved by interactive virtual 3D-CT models of lung cancer patient anatomies

This work was published in the journal Frontiers in Surgery, March 2021. This retrospective study shows that using patient-specific 3D-CT models improves surgeons' preoperative appreciation of the pulmonary arterial system and surgery plan compared to chest CT. The following 3D models were used in the study: Model 1, Model 2, Model 3, Model 4, Model 5, Model 6, Model 7, Model 8, Model 9, Model 10.

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Research book 4

3D models of renal cancer patient anatomies alter partial nephrectomy surgical planning decisions and increase surgeon confidence

This work was published in the International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, April 2019. This retrospective study shows that using 3D models caused a change in the surgical approach in 19% of cases. Further, 3D models increased surgeon confidence (25 surgeons surveyed) in making surgical decisions in 4/5 patient datasets. The following 3D models were used in the study: Model A, Model B, Model C, Model D, Model E.

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Research book 5

Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy in a Horseshoe Kidney using a 3D model

This work was published in the Journal of Urology, April 2018. It describes a case of a right-side oncocytoma in a horseshoe kidney managed robotically and using a 3D model to help prepare for the surgery.

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Research book 6

Will 3D models change the way nephrometric scoring is carried out?

This editorial was published in BJU International, December 2019. It reviews how 3D models could be used for nephrometric scoring and other image derived measurements.

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Research book 7

Abnormal venous anatomy in a patient with right lower lobe adenocarcinoma

This case study was published in the Asian Cardiovascular and Thoracic Annals, October 2020. Three-dimensional reconstruction clearly showed an anomalous venous return with four separate venous branches and a collateral from the superior vein.

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Research book 8

Robotic renal surgery for horseshoe kidney with 3D reconstruction

This work was presented at the 16th meeting of the European Association of Urology (EAU) Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) in Lisbon, September 2019. Four complex horseshoe cases were analysed and planned using 3D models. The 3D models helped planning of the surgeries, especially the vascular anatomy.

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Research book 9

Complex Open Pyeloplasty in a Pelvic Kidney

This work was published in Urology, July 2020. The case study describes the complex case and management of a patient with a massive pelvic ureteral junction obstruction in a pelvic kidney. The following 3D model was used in the study: Model.

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Research book 10

Live surgery event with Mr Ben Challacombe using a 3D model to perform robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy

This operation, using a 3D model for pre and intra-operative surgical planning, was recorded and live streamed at Guy's Hospital, London, June 2019, as part of the Worldwide Robotic Surgery 24 Hour Event (WRSE24).

Research book 11

An Adaptive Sampling Scheme to Efficiently Train Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation

This work was published in the Conference Proceedings of Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2018. It describes an algorithm for segmenting abdominal tissue structures in CT scans. The method achieves state of the art segmentation results on the Visceral Anatomy3 Benchmark Challenge.

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